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2018 Craft Beer Trends to Keep an Eye out For!

Here’s where the golden nectar is going in 2018!

Craft Beer has exploded onto the scene in the last few years and seems to be a mainstay when it comes to beer rather than a passing fad. Because it’s often driven by small communities of enthusiasts and micro-breweries, it’s a space where innovating and trying new things is commonplace – and there are some interesting trends that’ll be popping up that craft beer aficionados can look out for!

Expect A Surge in New England IPAs 

The traditional West Coast IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is a firm favourite among craft beer drinkers and brewers, but the New England IPA is busy making waves as well and doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down. While the West Coast style is dry and light, the New England variant is a bit hazier, smoother and has an almost creamy texture. It seems to have divided avid beer drinkers, though, so you’re likely to either love it or hate it – Devil’s Peak has an iteration to test out called the ‘Juicy Lucy’ if you feel like broadening your horizons.

Barrel Beers

Barrel aging is old hat as far as alcohol distilling methods go – but it’s an uncommon method to use for beers, for now. The methods of using barrels in conjunction with beer means that the beer will adopt some taste qualities of whatever the barrel was being the most popular choices so far. This method creates a possibility to generate a wide array of tastes not normally associated with beers – Woodstock Brewery’s Sugarman Belgian Quad will give a good idea of what’s possible using this method.

Big Companies Might Crash the Party

Craft Beer brewing as a hobby but also a commercial community of brewers is grassroots by nature – it’s been driven primarily by microbreweries and willing entrepreneurs. It’s overwhelming popularity is probably catching the attention of mass brewing companies, though, so them getting involved seems like an inevitable direction for us to head. This obviously comes with its pros and cons – but if big companies deliver tastier products for more consumers to enjoy, it should mostly be a positive.

SAB beer

Sour Sensations 

Sour craft beers might sound bizarre, but they’re an old and established style that have been enjoyed in countries like Germany and Belgium for quite some time. Additional yeast and bacteria exposure can give a beer a sour but refreshing element. It won’t be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of sour tastes in general something the Devil’s Peak ‘It Takes Two to Mango’ might be your thing.

More Impressive Team-Ups

Team-ups aren’t just for superhero movies anymore, they’re also for breweries looking to bring new and interesting beers to the market. Collaborations between craft brewers have been gaining popularity for the last year or so and seem likely to continue, so if you’re a devout supporter of a certain brand they might be coming up with something new courtesy of comparing notes with other established brewers.

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