This All-Electric Mustang Combines the Best of Old & New

1960s classic Mustang gets a 21st century all-electric makeover!

Some automotive purists will enthusiastically tell you that older cars did and always will look significantly better than the exotics we see hitting showroom floors these days. If you have a look at this Mustang, even the most ardent tech-loving car enthusiast would have to admit some of the classics are truly beautiful.

But, what if you’re as enamoured by classic car designs as you are by cutting edge sustainable electric technology? Well, luckily for you, combining the best of both worlds is going to become rather commonplace. At least it will if it’s up to outfits like the UK-based Charge, who take classics and give them full electric conversions.

The company has announced that several fastbacks and convertibles like this Ford Mustang, with officially licensed chassis and bodies, are styled precisely like the old-schooled ones and aren’t built from scratch, but with with some new-age tech specs under the hood.

Now, back in the day these were considered fast cars with their conventionally drive V8s – but now they’ve been pushed to a completely different level. The high-tech electric drivetrain engine is paired with a 64kW motor that can dump 885ft-lb of torque to the all-wheel drive system – catapulting the car 100km/h in just under 3.09 seconds.

This conversion doesn’t come cheap, though, with the price coming in at a shade over $250,000 (roughly R3.5 million) and manufactured in a limited quantity of only 499 – so if a classic muscle car with new-age tech under the hood is your thing you’ll need to move fast!

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