Peugeot Showcases Epic ‘Rifter’ Adventure Van Concept

The French takes their brand off-road with the Rifter concept car!

Not all countries are blessed with the terrain to make off-roading a viable hobby, but South Africa definitely does. The Peugeot ‘Rifter’ concept car would feel at home rumbling through our bush environments and is likely to have a lot of campers and veld-adventurers holding thumbs this concept gets approved for production.

Its frame looks like a cross between a slightly chunkier mini-van and a traditional 4×4, which is enhanced by the raised stance and the more rugged tyres that it comes outfitted with. Its off-road credentials are also bolstered by a 4-wheel drive system, as well the proposed engine choice; a 130HP motor that also offers a shade under 300NM of torque, ideal for those bushveld inclines and hills.

Just because you’re going out into the wild, it doesn’t mean you have to forego all your technology, though, which is showcased throughout the exceptionally modern cabin – complete with flip up display for all the infotainment functions.

The coolest feature by a country mile, though, is the roof-mounted Overland tent. It folds up into a neat little package, but unfolds into a neat tent to kip in after a hard day of trekking.

Unfortunately a lot of concept cars garner a lot of buzz when people see their nifty features, but ultimately they never come to fruition for one or another reason. Interestingly the Rifter shares a lot of underpinnings with the Citroen Berlingo Multispace – meaning the production infrastructure to product it exists in some capacity already. Hopefully. instead of rotting away as a cool concept sketch in a file somewhere. we see the Rifter hit showroom floors soon!

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