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Lamborghini’s Upgraded Off-Road Beast Aims to Take on Land Rover & Other 4X4 Monsters

Lamborghini Urus gets a hardcore off-road package.

High-end SUVs have become something of a trend lately, with every company under the sun throwing their hat into the ring to provide consumers with a hulk of a vehicle that has all the bells-and-whistles of a luxury sedan.

It took Lamborghini a while to join the party, but even they relented and decided to release the ‘Urus’ (the name refers to an extinct and robust species of Ox), but like most of the luxury SUVs, it isn’t actually meant to take into the outdoors. Boutique shopping mall parking lots? Sure. Rocky and unpredictable mountain passes? Not so much.

But, that’s about to change as Lamborghini will be releasing an off-road package for the Urus, so that buyers who insist on using their SUVs for actual adventures will be well-equipped to handle whatever mother nature throws their way.

There will be two additional modes for the driver to choose from with the installation of the off-road equipment: Terra and Sabbia. The first is geared towards obstacles in the road and the second is two handle sand better.

The technical upgrades start out with an increase in ride-height that takes it to 9.8-inches, and an alteration in the approach and departure angles of the vehicle that are better suited to climb uneven terrain. The added gear is what stands out most, though:

  • Stainless steel skid plates for underside protection
  • Roof Rail
  • Steel-reinforced bumpers
  • Additional washing package for headlamps

Clearly they’ve invested some time and effort into making the Urus a suitable outdoor option for folks who are interested in it, but no pricing info has been released. Suffice it to say, considering this is Lamborghini we’re talking about, that it’s going to be quite pricy.

Even though this extra equipment makes the Urus more apt for outdoor travels, would you take this car out into the wilderness and risk ruining it? Let us know!

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