Ferrari’s 488 Pista Promises to be their Fastest V8 Ever Made

The 488 cuts some weight to unleash its true potential!

Ferrari is well known for the beauty and heritage of their cars, but in recent years supercar manufacturers have been pushing the envelope to reduce the 0-100 times and curb weights of their cars as much as physically possible.

Ferrari’s updated 488 Pista is the Prancing Horse’s attempt at making the freakishly fast 488 even more lethal. The engineers have stripped out every unnecessary component and bolstered its performance with F1 technology to boost what is already impressive performance.

The 3.9-litre, turbocharged V8 now produces 711 horsepower and 568lb-ft of torque, a substantial increase over the traditional 488’s 660 horsepower and 560lb-ft, which makes this their most powerful V8 engine yet.

Its suite of technological improvements is rounded out by magnetically adjusted shock absorbers, an electronically controlled differential, and the “Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer”, which adjusts pressure to each break caliper, allowing it to perform much more intricately into and out of corners.

Even though it’s likely debut at the Geneva International Motor Show is still several months away, some leaked shots forced their hand into revealing some more details about the car – but a closer look at this beast will only be possible a few months from now.

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