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Ferrari Reveals the New ‘Portofino’

The Italian manufacturer showcases its spectacular new entry.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is scheduled for the last week of September and Ferrari will use that as the ideal opportunity to showcase its newest addition to their line up; the Portofino. While the Portofino is a new model, it also serves the purpose of relieving another model, the California T, of its position in the Ferrari stable.

When most drivers think of Ferrari, they think of its racing heritage and sports cars capable of pushing speed limits. However, despite being exceptionally fast, the Portofino is designed more for the winding roads in the quiet Riviera, canyon roads in the USA’s West Coast, or cruising around the Cape peninsula, rather than setting records on a track. The longer wheelbase and engine positioning are also cues that point towards its focus on providing luxury on long road trips, and not hair-raising speed. That being said, it’s still a Ferrari and performs as such.

Ferrari’s current flagship engine is their twin-turbo V8 that is featured across its line-up, and a variation of that engine is what will be powering the Portofino too. It produces just under 600 hp (441kW) and 561 lb-ft of torque. That amount of power is enough to send its nearly 1,800kg frame from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, so it’s still very much got racing pedigree in its veins. Its increase in power isn’t the biggest improvement over the California T, though, as that accolade goes to the host of technological improvements under the hood and inside the cabin.


Apart from an updated infotainment system, the Portofino has most of its innovations aimed at saving weight, but Ferrari has been playing its cards close to its chest ahead of the motor show, and hasn’t divulged exactly what techniques it has used to shave a few pounds off the Portofino’s body. What they have said though, is that it is definitely lighter than the California T – which weighs in at 1,834 kg. The hard-top convertible roof mechanism has also been overhauled and had its own weight decreased. Other advancements are updated electronics controlling its rear differential, faster power steering to improve driver input, and upgraded dampers to improve its suspension performance.

Despite being billed as Ferrari’s “entry-level”, the Portofino will still feature cabin equipment as well as an engine that is everything but entry-level; not to mention the exclusivity and mystique that go hand in hand with Ferrari’s distinctive styling. Anyone looking to show up with equal measures of flash and class need look no further than any further than the Portofino.

More details on the Ferrari Portofino, including the price, are set to be announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


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