Ferrari Builds Gorgeous & Mysterious SP38 For One Special Customer

The SP38 has been created for ‘one of Ferrari’s most dedicated customer.’

Ferrari’s been on a bit of a hot streak lately with the release of some exclusive and incredibly well-styled exotics. It’s difficult to think of any Ferrari as being a mere ‘production’ car, since they all have such evocative appearances, but the SP38 is truly unique and in a league of its own – even when it comes to Ferrari’s coveted line-up of machines.

It’s based on the underpinnings of the 488 GTB – but that’s really just the foundation, as the rest of the design has been substantially altered. The majority of the styling has taken inspiration from one of Ferrari’s older models, the F40, an iconic car that any Prancing Horse fan from the late 80s and 90s will remember.

While it clearly incorporates some elements of current and past cars from Ferrari’s stable, it’s also clearly very much its own design. The carbon fibre side-skirts and front bumper are both uncommon for Ferrari production models, as their paneling is usually all in the same colour – bar a few of the special edition performance models.

Adding to the exclusivity and mystique of the car; there are very few details about it floating around – most intriguingly, the owner is unknown and so is the price. All Ferrari was willing to say is that this creation was undertaken for one of their ‘most dedicated clients’. You know you’ve truly made it when one of Italy’s finest car manufacturers creates a car specifically for you!

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