Electric Range Rover ‘P400e’ Arrives in SA

The all-new electric P400e cruises into the Republic! Here’s what you need to know.

Like many brands, it seems Range Rover is committing themselves to offering at least one electric model to sync with the changing times. Fossil fuels are out, and more sustainable ways of powering cars are in. This isn’t some budget electric car, though, this is for drivers who don’t want to compromise on power, style, or comfort but want to do their bit for the planet.

It’s more of a hybrid, though, not a full electric like some brands offer. Its default driving mode is called ‘Parallel Hybrid’, where both the petrol and electric motor are used simultaneously. The petrol motor is a 2-litre inline 4-cylinder that produces 221kW, while the electric motor produces 85kW that work in unison to create over 600Nm of torque, so navigating the great outdoors isn’t going to be a problem.

If you’re not busy thrashing through dunes and need something a little more pedestrian, you can switch the P400e into ‘EV Mode’ (electric vehicle mode). This enables the car to use only the electric motor’s battery which will be good for around 50km of silent journeys – ideal for the short grocery shopping or mall trips around one’s neighbourhood.

The battery charging times are also quite impressive, with the fastest possible charge being completed in two hours and forty five minutes, but this requires the use of a 32 amp wall-box that needs to be purchased separately. If using the standard 10 amp charging cable supplied with the vehicle, then charging times are closer to 8 hours to achieve a full charge.

Some additional tech features include:

  • Gesture activated sun blinds: Just swipe your hand across the rear view mirror and the retractable blinds can be put up or down.
  • Air Cabin Ionisation: Nano-sized charged water particles are used to purify the cabin air .
  • Pixel-laser LED headlights: Headlights are brighter but intelligently dim certain sections to avoid inconveniencing oncoming drivers.
  • Activity Key: Drivers can unlock and lock their cars without having to carry a traditional key fob around.

Considering Range Rover’s existing popularity in South Africa this hybrid is likely to be a popular pick going forward for drivers who want to transition to more sustainable cars. The Dynamic model begins at R1.6 million while the ultra luxurious PHEV model starts at R2.2 million.

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