BMW M2 Gets a Boost with the ‘Competition’ Model

The German manufacturer gets experimental with its iconic M2.

Gone are the days of keeping the power outputs in smaller sized cars modest or low. There was a time where a conservative 2-litre turbo was about as adventurous as manufacturers got with anything smaller than a mid-sized sedan, but that’s no longer case. Exhibit A: the BMW M2.

Traditionally, it has an inline-six 3-litre engine capable of generating 365 horsepower, which is already rather impressive considering it isn’t the largest or heaviest body to begin with. But, as is routine for the Bavarians, they tried to push the envelope a little bit further.

The ‘Competition’ M2 retains an inline-six 3-litre engine, but it boosts the previous power output from 365 horsepower to 410 – putting its 0-100 time at a flat four seconds. With the increase in power there are a host of additional modifications, most notably Aluminium-intensive front and rear axles, along with a carbon-fibre strut brace that would normally be found on its older M3 and M4 siblings. Logically, in order to rein in that power and get the dynamo back to standstill even bigger brakes were added, too.

So if you thought the original M2 already had enough bang for your buck, wait until this bite-size monster pulls up next to you.

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