Become a James Bond Villain with This Epic Underground Garage System

Insert maniacal laugh.

What does London have in common with every old city like Rome, Paris, and New York? It’s pretty tight on space. Most of those cities were built during times with far less people and far less demand for land. Now that their populations have spiked, building sideways isn’t an option anymore – you can only really go up and down.

So, what’s a Londoner to do if they want to own a handful of exotic cars? Simple! They build a James Bond-like facility under their property that not only stores said exotic cars, but also delivers them to the surface at the touch of a button.

The company behind this idea is Cardok, who specialise in standard and custom products that allow people to store their cars out of sight specifically for the construction-related difficulties that a city like London poses. Why would you go to the lengths to do this? Well, in some areas, the neighbours won’t sign off on above-ground construction, or an existing property doesn’t have sufficient surrounding space to create a conventional garage. But mostly, it’s probably because it’s just unreasonably cool to push a button and watch your car ascend out of the ground.

Cardok spokeswoman Izabela Coupe says that while their standard parking solutions cost approximately £35,000 (almost R700,000), the customised options that are either larger or more complex in construction can veer into the hundreds of thousands of pounds. The installations can even be fortified to the point that they can house up to 30 tonnes – but of course anything out of the ordinary is going to bump the price up. Did you just buy Nicholas Cage’s R46m pristine 1966 Ferrari 275? Well this is the perfect way to keep it safe from any sudden hail storms!

This video shows off exactly how the structure works:

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