All Electric Porsche Taycan Coming this Year!

Porsche’s electric speedster is set for release sooner than you think!

All-electric cars are a bit of an automotive trend at the moment – and Porsche isn’t about to let other brands outdo them, so they’ve thrown their hat into the electric-powered ring as well.

The model is named the “Taycan”, and although exact release dates haven’t been confirmed, it is slated to hit showroom floors sometime this year. It has a predicted range of around 400km, and will reach full charge in approximately 20 minutes – which is impressively quick even for an electric car.

If you need a range of around 100km, you could achieve that in a 4-minute charge period, courtesy of a 800 volt electric supply system.

Porsche has teamed up with BMW, Audi, Ford, and Daimler to develop infrastructure around Europe, and hopefully a similar partnership among several players could result in a similar infrastructure network being developed for South Africa eventually.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume says that the next generation of automotive battery technology should be able to double the range of a car like the Taycan to roughly 1,000 km before it needs a recharge. Admittedly, though, he also said this technology is only likely to see commercial availability in another decade, so for now, the 400km range will need to do.

Porsche, like every other manufacturer, especially in Europe, is facing increasing pressure to shift focus from their brilliant combustion engines to electric models. The brand plans for about half of their sold units to be hybrid or electric models by 2025 – but they say they’ll keep going with their traditional engines for as long as it’s viable.

If all the electric models look as good as the Taycan, it’s unlikely any consumers will complain about the shift to electric cars! What are your thoughts on Porsche’s new project?

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