4-Year-Old Drives Truck Through Obstacle Course, Crashes Into A Lot Of Stuff [Video]

Volvo Look whos driving

Can a Volvo FMX handle a 4-year-old ploughing it into a wall? Find out here…

Earlier this week, we were teased with what Volvo has been up to with its latest vehicle test, and given some of the past antics (such as Volvo’s The Epic Split and The Hamster Stunt), we knew this was going to be pretty epic.

Well, the video has been released and let’s just say that it doesn’t disappoint.

This time around, Volvo has put the controls in the hands of four-year-old Sophie, who subjects the Volvo FMX to a gruelling obstacle course, but these don’t stop Sophie as she pushes the FMX to it’s limits, driving through a thick brick wall, climbing a steep, soft slope, and also rolling the truck down a hill. We’ll forgive her for that one, because it’s awesome.

Over the year, the truck has been given several new functions, such as the Automatic Traction Control – an all-wheel drive system that kicks in automatically when needed. With the “Look who’s driving”, Volvo Trucks wants to show how much the truck can tolerate.

“To show what the truck can do, we wanted to give it a real challenge. What test driver is more reckless than an unpredictable four-year-old?” asks Ricard Fritz, Vice President of Volvo Trucks.

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