Why it’s Important for Customers to Have a Positive Online Experience

Customer experience

There’s a good reason why you can’t afford for your customers to have a bad experience.

Whether you’re shopping for products online, booking various appointments, accessing information, or simply watching cat videos, we’re noting how we enjoy the online experience, whether you’re conscious of it or not. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to prioritise creating a positive online experience for all businesses, but specifically smaller ones and startups, as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said:

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

Smaller is Easier

Software development is far easier for startups and smaller businesses because they’re at the beginning of their lifecycle. Large companies have many departments, business unit heads, and a lot of cumbersome bureaucracy to get through before they can start developing something new. Small companies don’t have that problem because they’re leaner and require less input to make decisions. This advantage for small companies makes it imperative to think about creating an online presence for themselves earlier, before their growth makes it more difficult to execute on a software strategy.

Online Connectivity is Everywhere

Internet access may have been something reserved only for owners of computers two decades ago, but with the rise of smartphone and tablet usage, the prevalence of internet users is skyrocketing. The rapidly decreasing costs of smartphones is an added factor, making it easier for almost everyone to have a device that can keep them connected perpetually. This means that the internet-based customer pool is incredibly high, and offers potential for massive revenue growth even for small companies.

Customer-centricity is Key

Because of this massive access to online platforms, and an increase in the number of them because of it, customers have the luxury of being quite picky about where they browse and to whom they give their money. This makes it exceptionally important for companies building their online experience to consider the customer’s perspective in the entire development process of their website or software. Consistently asking ‘What value does this provide to the customer?’ will be a useful guideline that will it takes off with customers.

Rapid Adjustment is a Necessity

Because customers have this massive selection and control over the businesses that they make use of, it’s important for those businesses to be open to adjusting their software and offerings as they notice a pattern or shift in customer expectations and demands. This is once again something that’s easier for smaller businesses to manage because they don’t have as many moving parts that can get in the way of a quick change. Being ready to adapt your business model online at the drop of a hat is a necessary consideration for any company that wants to remain relevant, otherwise their competitors could beat them to the punch.

Positive Online Experiences Build Loyalty

For any frequent user of any digital platform, their own enjoyment of the experience using a particular company’s site or software is a massive factor in whether or not they continue using it or recommend it to those they know. Simply offering good value, quality services, or large product variety isn’t sufficient to retain customers anymore. Because so much of their interactions are digital, they look to repeatedly use the platforms that are convenient, easy, and enjoyable. Making this the primary goal of any site or software is a massive competitive advantage over companies that aren’t doing that.

So if you’re a small business, or you’re someone who sees themselves as an entrepreneur or business owner some time in the future, keeping these points for software development can help establish significant competitive advantage. If you feel like you’re a little lost and don’t know where to start on your company’s digital journey, let the team at My Online Presence guide you through the various phases – whether you need a website, custom software, or a CRM system. Whatever your digital needs, they’ll be able to move you forward!

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