Honda Unveils Pair of Electric Motorbikes

The Japanese manufacturer jumps into the electric two-wheeler market!

Electric transport is clearly the future, but it’s not just about electric cars however, as other modes of transport like drones and bikes are also on the radar. Honda has revealed a pair of motorbikes (well, one is more of a scooter) at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show that they’re planning on adding to their range.

The first model is called the CR Electric, and it’s a dirt bike that’s modelled very closely after their petrol-powered CRF bike, but it instead employs a Mugen-developed electric motor rather than a conventional engine. They haven’t covered any specifics regarding power output or range, yet, but after the announcement, it’s safe to assume those specs aren’t far away.

The other unveiling was of the Benly Electric, an electric scooter that’s main benefit is the fact that its battery is quickly swappable, so one doesn’t need to waste time waiting for a recharge.

While this might be a cool prospect for anyone to use, the main target seems to be courier companies that want to go green but also have the convenience of not having to wait for each scooter to recharge once its battery has depleted. Considering how many delivery type services are prominent and popular all over the world, it’s likely that the Benly Electric will be become the go-to option.

Motor racing fans will also be intrigued to hear that at the same event where they unveiled these two models, Honda also mentioned that their electric racing bikes will feature at the Isle of Man event, which could give a glimpse into the future of electric super bikes.

They haven’t shown any photos of a potential consumer electric super bike just yet, but chances are it won’t be forever before we see something, although they did show off their RC-E concept not too long ago:


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