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What Would Happen If We Nuked the Deepest Point in the Ocean?

Important questions need answering!

Every now and then, some whacky thought-experiments can be fun exercises in testing unfathomed possibilities. Like, what would happen if we brought dinosaurs back from extinction? Although, we’ve seen enough movies to know how that turns out.

One of the other persistent little hypothetical situations thrown across the vastness of the internet has been: what if we detonated a nuclear bomb in the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the planet’s ocean? Well, some folks (who actually managed to pass their 9th grade natural science exams) have given us a detailed breakdown of the likely consequences.

Take your guess before the video starts – would it be little more than a radioactive bubble bath, or ensure global annihilation?

So – did you guess right or wrong? Since there are allegedly a mass of submarine species still hiding in the trench that we haven’t discovered yet, it would be unwise to detonate a nuke there.

Luckily, there are bigger issues on the surface to solve, so it’s unlikely we have to worry about some madman bombing mutant jellyfish… we hope.

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