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Watch Two Fish Play Street Fighter [Video]

Fish Street Fighter 2

It’s a battle to the fin…

Who ever said you need thumbs to play video games? Two fish have proved that opposable appendages are not necessary for a game of Street Fighter II, as the two water-dwellers went head-to-head in the retro NES game.

Andrew Hill drafted his two pet goldfish to take each other by rigging up his fish tank with motion triggers in nine parts of the tank. When a fish wanders into one of the parts, a camera captures it and translates its movements into a key press. 

Due to the random nature of the fish strolling about in the tank, a lot of the action involves the video game characters just jumping up and down and swiping and kicking at the air. But it’s pure magic when the battle finally engages and you find yourself rooting for a fish.

To amp up the tension, Hill has offered up bios on the two contestants. AG.Aquarius, a yellow and orange fantail goldfish, “has an aggressive fighting style which relies on rapid movement and flowing combos.” Robert the Bruce, a Black Moor goldfish, “is much more methodical in his technique, often pausing and waiting to counteract his opponents’ style, then striking at the most opportune moments.”

The entire thing was streamed live over gaming video sharing service, Twitch, and the two fish have become instant icons in the community.

Check out the video below:

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