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USA Builds Giant Fighting Robot, Challenges Japan To Battle [Video]

It’s East vs. West in the most insane way possible…

Any keen tech follower will know that we’re getting pretty-close to the robot-induced apocalypse, but before that happens, it’s going to be pretty awesome.

We say this because MegaBots, USA’s robotic company, has designed and constructed the Mark II – a gigantic human-driven robotic killing machine that’s looking for its first opponent.

The Mark II is not unlike that of the Kuratas, built by Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries. Isn’t that a coincidence…

So, MegaBots has decided to call out Suidobashi to see which robot is better.

“Suidobashi Heavy Industries! MegaBots, Inc. challenges you to a duel! You have a giant robot, we have a giant robot – we have a duty to the science fiction lovers of this world to fight them to the death,” proclaims MegaBots.

We couldn’t agree more.

Check the Mark II in action below, and the Kuratas below that, and let us know which robot you think will emerge victorious…

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