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Tommy Wiseau Tries His Hand at Playing the Greatest Comic Book Villain Ever [Video]

“You’re Batman?”

Tommy Wiseau’s name has been flung back into the limelight again recently. After James Franco acquired the rights to do a biopic on what is popularly-perceived to be the worst movie ever, The Room, the enigmatic personality enjoyed a resurgence in popularity.

Of course, for a man of his uh, talent, the next logical step would be to try and showcase his acting ability, right? Well he’s done just that, by taking a stab at one of comic and movie history’s most iconic villains: The Joker.

Acting greats like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger did enduring renditions of Batman’s most famous foe, and Wiseau did some monologues of some of their most memorable lines.

Despite his idiosyncratic charm, it’s unlikely Mr. Wiseau will get a callback any time soon, unfortunately. He does, however, pull off green hair and a purple overcoat surprisingly well and ends up being genuinely terrifying.

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