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This is What You Get on Qatar Airways’ A350 Business Class [Video]

Watch Casey Neistat give his two cents on Qatar Airways’ A350 Business Class.

Casey Neistat is renowned for his entertaining vlogging (giving us a glimpse at the high-life), and recently he’s taken a 12-and-a-half hour flight from New York City all the way to Doha, and as usual, he’s taking you along for the ride.

The first thing to note in Qatar’s A350 Business Class is all the space, far from being an economy class seat where even small children feel cramped. Everyone has a spacious seat where even NBA players would be able to stretch their legs. Just to make sure you’re completely comfortable, Qatar Airways also includes a neat little amenities kit (pink socks included) and some pajamas, just to make sure all the passengers are as relaxed as possible.

One of the coolest services he made use of, though, is the menu service where you can order whatever you want from the extensive list of options, and also whenever you want it. He opted for a cappuccino, a smoothie, and smoked salmon, but if you felt like having spinach and ricotta-filled pasta with alfredo sauce and some hot chocolate, you could do that too – your wish is their command.

As one would expect for such a luxurious flight, there’s a full entertainment system per seat, as well as the ability to fold your seat down and turn it into a bed for when you’re done ordering quirky and admittedly eccentric dishes.

Want to know what’s in store for you when you’ve made it big and you’re jetting around to Ibiza and St. Tropez? Take a look at Casey’s review and he’ll give you the rundown:

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