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These Epic Marvel Action Figures Will Bring Out Your Inner-Collector

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Play Arts Kai and Square Enix’s new Marvel figurines will get your tongue wagging!

Those who are familiar with the world of collectible figures might have heard of Play Arts Kai before; a figure manufacturer linked with the game publisher Square Enix.

They’ve got a rich history of creating variant figures for a number of franchises, most recently and notably a collection of figures related to both Marvel and DC properties. The most recent batch of 1:6 figures taps into the X-Men franchise and brings Wolverine, Cyclops, Deadpool, and Magneto a few interesting looks on some great figures.





As is usual for Play Arts Kai, their variant range includes some accessories with their figures – usually in the form of weapons or effects pieces that fit with each character. In this case, there are weapons for Deadpool and Wolverine, and effects for Cyclops and Magneto’s powers respectively.

These might look like some toys you could buy your little brother for Christmas, but because of the quality and detail that goes into them they’re quite a pretty penny. These figures start at around R1,000, so they’re definitely not what you want kids chucking into the pool or sand pit!

If you’re looking for some Play Arts Kai figures for your collection, check out PriceCheck’s range of superhero and video game figures!


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