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Photographer’s Epic Superhero Shots Can Tide Us Over Until the Next Blockbuster

Hulk smash… beer!

We’re living in the golden age of superhero movies, with iconic characters making appearances in big-budget movies several times a year. One might even say that we’ve become a little bit addicted to them (guilty as charged).

With 2018 promising to be another year with multiple big entries on the horizon, like Avengers: Infinity War, Aquaman, Venom, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix, we’re still a month away from Infinity War hitting theatres, though, and people still need their superhero fix.

Enter the innovative Japanese photographer known as ‘Hot.Kenobi’, who takes creative shots of action figures to generate humorous and cool still shots of heroic antics.

He dabbles with the likes of Marvel’s iconic heroes, DC’s big-name vigilantes, and those galaxy-savers names from Star Wars, using them al in clever, pint-sized scenarios using real-world objects.

So if you need some quirky snaps of your favorite characters in some fun, unconventional situations check out more of his shots here!

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