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Seth Rogan Hilariously Pranks Shoppers with Talking Food [Video]

Sausage Party, from Seth Rogen and Evan Golberg, the creators of This Is The End andPineapple Express, is just as raunchy as the title suggests. The film is yet to release in SA, but to welcome its launch in the US, writer and producer, Seth Rogen, took to a Manhattan grocery store to let people know fruits have feelings too.

Using an animatronic cantaloupe and loaf of bread, Rogen caught unsuspecting shoppers by surprise. Seeing a melon come alive is not something you see every day, and it made the reactions by the customers all the more hilarious. Most were gleefully surprised by the obvious joke, reveling in the absurdity of talking food.

And if you want to check out the trailer for the film…

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