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Man Attempts To Be Eaten By Anaconda, Throws In The Towel [Video]

The outcome of the most talked-about Discovery show has been revealed, and it’s a bit of a letdown.

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet in the last couple days, you surely would’ve stumbled across the hype building for the anticipated episode of Eaten Alive, which was set to air on the Discovery Channel.

Basically, a research team wanted to see what it was like to be digested by a full-grown anaconda. So, as one does, they team fitted one brave (but not so sharp) man, Paul Rosolie, with protective armour and served him up to the snake like a Christmas turkey.

There was a lot of buzz about what would actually happen, and some people who know a thing or two about anacondas know that they like to crush the bones of their prey before chowing down. The team must’ve overlooked this.

Rosolie is forced to call it quits before he was turned into a more flexible version of himself.

Check out the incident below:

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