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How Big is Black Friday in SA, Really?

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Black Friday is coming, but is it actually a ‘thing’ in South Africa?

It’s November, and that means that Black Friday is upon us! The biggest deal-hunting shopping day of the year can be overwhelming, but it brings with it some incredible specials, discounts, and sales on gadgets, gear, fashion, and just about everything under the sun; but in terms of it’s impact, how big is Black Friday in South Africa, really?

According to research, pretty big actually. The Black Friday phenomenon has grown faster in South Africa than any other country in the world, according to online shopping statistics. Last year, PriceCheck saw 3 times the number of daily visits to its online shopping comparison website on Black Friday, and twice the number on Cyber Monday, compared to its 2017 average. In addition, these visits were on 30% longer than the 2017 average duration.

As for what shoppers are spending, and based on increasing trends over the past couple years, PayPal has predicted that South Africans will shell out over R53 billion by the end of 2018, up a staggering near R16 billion from R37.1 billion in 2017.

Clearly there’s an eagerness from South Africans to nab the best deals first, too (you know, early-bird-gets-the-worm kind-of thing). In 2017, the traffic at midnight on the morning of Black Friday saw a huge increase over the average day (over 4 percent of the total visitors logged on at midnight, up from 1.5 percent), showing that SA’s online shoppers are ready and waiting for Black Friday deals to break.

In addition to the popularity, last year’s Black Friday produced some interesting statistics; and you can check out some of the most notable on the below infographic:

Remember to keep an eye on PriceCheck leading up to Black Friday, where we’ll have some tips on how to capitalise on the best Black Friday deals, as well as a heads-up on some of the most exciting sales set to go down!

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