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Boxer Knocks Out Ref After Losing Fight [Video]

Croatian boxer loses his cool and which results in him being banned from boxing for life.

In a disgusting display of sportsmanship, or rather lack thereof, a junior boxer attacked the referee after being deemed the loser in the Croatian boxing championship.

Croatian boxer Vido Loncar, in the red, was upset after the referee waved off the fight after giving him a standing count. But after being called over for the official judgement, Loncar attacked the referee – and followed his initial punch with seven more to the body.

Loncar has been arrested and banned from boxing for life. The referee was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The secretary-general of the Croatian Boxing Federation, Marko Marovic said of the incident: “This is the worst thing that could happen to us. This is a disgrace to Zagreb and Croatia, and causes the sport of boxing major damage. All the hard work that we put into organising this championship and raising the image of Croatian boxing has been destroyed in a few seconds.”

See the incident below:

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