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Airsoft Tanks Bring Miniature Warfare to Your Garden

Pint-sized patrolling!

So drones are the coolest things in the remote-controlled arena at the moment, right? Not if these little armoured menaces have anything to say about it.

Not only are these RC tanks (which is a win in itself), but these R/C tanks have extra bells and whistles most others don’t: BB-bullet firing capabilities.

Beyond being able to pepper annoying siblings or friends, the tanks can also replicate authentic tank sounds, have adjustable speeds, and have high-grip treads so you can traverse that uneven backyard in search of your next target.

Whether you’ve got scores to settle in the garden or in the office, pick your favourite tank model (with the USA’s Sherman, Russian T-90, and German Leopard to choose from) and and go to town!

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Source: HiConsumption

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