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Adorable Marmot Interrupts Glacier National Park Time-Lapse [Video]

Funny marmot makes a quick appearance in Greenpeace time-lapse for a little lick of the camera.

To help raise awareness against oil drilling on public land, Greenpeace USA set out to make a time lapse video of the Glacier National Park, and it was glorious and beautiful, and a little marmot decided to make a cameo and ruin it all, and it was awesome.

The marmot’s appearance actually highlights Greenpeace’s awareness campaign – that a lot of these areas are actually habitats and homes for many of these creatures.

“But let’s be fair about this. This marmot took a minute out of its busy day to show us some love,” said Greenpeace. “It’s time for us to do the same. Global warming is shrinking marmot habitat — alpine tundra. Help protect his home from climate change.”

Greenpeace’s #parksnotcoal campaign is picking up momentum on the web, so feel free to send out your message for the cause, and if you think that he U.S. Department of the Interior needs to keep coal in the ground, sign and share the online petition.


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