SA Musician releases video shot by dog


SA musician Johnny Neon finds music video star in rescue dog

While most musicians stick to traditional moody enclosed video shoots or tropical locations, Cape Town electronic musician Johnny Neon has released a new video which was shot entirely by a dog.

The dog, named Lemon, is a rescue and now one of the fastest growing stars – ok, made that up, but it’s very possible and still awesome. According to Neon’s Facebook page the video, for the song Hearts, was shot using a GoPro camera essentially MacGuyver-ed to Lemon’s back a using a soccer shin-guard and an H-harness.

Directed by Dave Meinert, the video gives a glimpse of a dog’s life for a day – which includes running on the Sea Point promenade, the beach, the train tracks and visiting Hout Bay harbour.

Johnny Neon was started in Cape Town by Johnny Kotze around 2004. His self-titled debut album, Johnny Neon, is now available.

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